Curriculum & Kits

Curriculum & Kits

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STERA is working towards the Standardisation of the STEM education. In NCST (National Certificate of STEM Teaching) Lab, team of early Child Education Expert are putting constant effort to design effective and engaging STEM curriculum.

STERA also work with the vendor to design cost-effective but high quality kits supporting the STEM activity, so that members also get benefited in accessing standard-wise curriculum and kits at economical rates.


Our curriculum is developed with industry experts and technical specialists:

Combines klills to transform ideas into inventions.

  • Electronics: The cool Gadgets and Gizmos From micro-controllers to motors, sensors to switches and button to buzzers, children discover what they are, and how to use them. Electronic Components | Circuits and Systems | Robotics | Electrical Science | Technical Design
  • Computing: Decode DNA of Programming All programming and computing - digital or physical - is done on Botster platform. It boosts computational thinking to tackle and break down problems, and develop skills to navigate the digital world. Programming | Computer Aided Design | Game Design | Digital Literacies
  • Mechanics: Art & Science of Machine Making It helps children discover the behind-the-scenes of machines. It lets them understand mechanical aspect of inventions and working of their unique parts. Machine Mechanics | Construction | Newtonian Physics | Structures | Gears
  • Logic Block & Control Systems: Control Machines Children learn how to control them machines and gadgets today and how they can simplify it in the future - the real cutting edge stuff. Digital Control Systems | Control Electronics | Internet of Things
  • Design Thinking: Walk, Talk, Think like Inventors Children learn to convert their idea from a spark to a product - testing and improving it along the way. They apply techniques to address real-life problems. Creative Ideation | Rapid Prototyping | Iterations | Critical Thinking | Problem Solving
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Trendsetter in Innovation Children learn to fail and take it positively. They will identify opportunities in failures which will lead them to further innovation. Reflection & Self-Assessment | Project Management | Communication & Presentation

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